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add an about page for parents

suplex attackers
level change double legs
sets up and fron head lock
set up and single leg
takedown mix
conditioning drill

drill section -- hip heist low
beginning roll drill

cheap 2 series -- cheap two on belly

control ties arm drag snap down


add pictures of the team here instead of headshots

add award stuff here too

Team Captains

Charlie Banks.JPG

Charlie Banks

Gwyn Elliott.JPG

Gwyneth Elliott

Keyla Ajeloza.JPG

Keyla Ajeloza

Oliviana Kane.JPG

Oliviana Kane


Angela Pena-Morales.JPG

Angela  Pena-Morales

Ashley Jahed.JPG

Ashley Jahed

Bella Diaz.JPG

Bella  Diaz

Dakota Bruch.JPG

Dakota Bruch

Delaney Di Meco.JPG

Delaney Di Meco

Diana Bonilla Gutierrez.JPG
Dylan Tsouo.JPG

Dylan Tsouo

Evelyn Caudillo.JPG

Evelyn Caudillo

Diana Bonilla Gutierrez

Evelyn Trinidad.JPG

Evelyn Trinidad

Genesis Garcia.JPG

Genesis Garcia

Hailey Whitaker.JPG

Hailey  Whitaker

Nicole De Santos.JPG

Nicole De Santos

Hannah Harsey.JPG

Hannah Harsey

Harper Lee.JPG

Harper Lee

Jasmin Sanchez.JPG

Jasmin Sanchez

Jennifer Pearson.JPG

Jennifer Pearson

Jessica Dahlmeier.JPG

Jessica Dahlmeier

JT Mercuro.JPG

JT Mercuro

Kaili Ibarra.JPG

Kaili Ibarra

Kirsten Whittaker.JPG

Kirsten Whittaker

Kylie Anderson.JPG

Kylie Anderson

Lily Mercado.JPG

Lily Mercado

Lupita Zarate.JPG

Lupita Zarate

Maddie Macchia.JPG

Maddi Macchia

Malaika Monareng.JPG

Malaika Monareng

Marangeline Molino.JPG

Marangeline Molino

Marina Quintana.JPG

Marina Quintana

Nancy Polanco.JPG

Nancy Polanco

Retaj Ridha.JPG

Retaj Ridha

Sophia Brice.JPG

Sophia Brice

Trang Pham.JPG

Trang Pham

Zoe Borchard.JPG

Zoe Borchard

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